Monday, February 16, 2015

Sophia Takahashi - Illustrious Artist

Sophia Takahashi - Illustrious Artist

Sophia Takahashi - Illustrious Artist
Red Scarf Girl - Chapter 3,4 & 5
Ji-li Jiang
Rotation #2

Drawn by Sophia Takahashi

I decided to draw a graph showing many examples of what is happening in the book; Red Scarf Girl. The first example shown in this is how Ji-Li was put in Shi-Yi Junior High, but was transferred to Xin-Zha Junior High due to the fact that all people from the same district had to go to the same school. This is also represented by the Green X and the Red Shi-Yi Junior High has a Green X because Ji-Li and An-Yi wanted to go to Shi-Yi (Green), but weren't allowed to by the government (X). This is also represented by the Red . Red signifying that An-Yi and Ji-Li didn't want to go to Xin-Zha (Red) but as a matter of fact, had to (). 

Furthermore, the Red Arrows  indicate the fact that Xin-Er Primary School could actually take the two prized students to any of the other schools. Due to the Cultural Revolution, teachers did not have a say in which school students could go to shown in Red Scarf Girl, "Teacher Gu nodded, '"We got a new directive from the city. All students will be assigned to schools by their residential districts. The teachers assignments have been invalidated (77 Jiang)."' 

Last but no least, the Green Arrows  represent the paths they actually went through. Both An-Yi and Ji-Li were in Xin-Er Primary School, and then were transferred to Xin-Zha Junior High.

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  1. Sophia,
    Your drawing is really good! It definitely pushed my thinking forward. I thought that it was very creative of you to make everything a different colour, it stood out more because of that. I feel bad for Ji-Li and her friend An-Yi because they both really wanted to go to Shi-yi junior high. I would have been really disappointed if I was them and found out that I couldn't go the school I wanted to. Would you?