Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Word Whisperer
Antonio Fernandes
Chapter 3-5
 Humanities 8                                Word Whisperer

Rhetorical question:” Did the teachers really intend to ruin our health and corrupt our minds?" A rhetorical question is a question asked without the intention of others to answer it.  This rhetorical question happened when the girl was thinking what to write in her da-zi-bao about the teachers, so she went to see other students da-zi-bao and then she thought if the teacher were ruining their minds because she never saw one teacher ruining her health. According to (Lierary Devices) Rhetorical questions are normally used to empathies a point and is also a very good persuasive device. I chose the picture below to  demonstrate what the da-zi-bao looked like.

Simile-“She was as lonely as I was.” A simile is when you compare something using like or as. In this time she is comparing herself to a white flower that was always alone to herself. She was feeling really lonely. A Simile is normally used to  vivid and empathetic the readers understanding of the passage.  I chose this image to demonstrate the white flower that she was comparing herself to.
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Personification- My heart fell.” A personification is when you give an object a human quality. For example, the heart didn`t fall, what she meant was that she felt bad and sad about her self. This personification appeared when the girl was being nominated and then someone shouted that the students nominated had to say their background. Personification is used to make a story more interesting and also it is used to help readers connect. I chose this image below to show you what personification does.

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