Friday, February 27, 2015

Marina Dissinger- Risk- Taking Researcher

“Red Scarf Girl”, happens during the Cultural Revolution, where China's Communist leader Mao called on the nation’s youth to purge the “impure elements” (four olds). Ji- Li is the main character. Her name means lucky and beautiful. She is very smart and used to be the "da-dui-zhang” (the head of the student council). Despite her academic achievements, she is held back by her poor class status, and needs to face this barrier to move on.

Ji-Li was born in Shanghai, China in 1954. For over twenty years Ji-Li would not discuss her experiences from childhood which included surviving the cultural revolution in China, until her thoughts were captured in her autobiography. After the publication in 1997, Ji-Li has been invited to share her experiences in many different places including schools, and a huge number of different conferences. 


  1. Marina,
    I thought your post was helpful. You said some facts that I have never heard before, which was really interesting. Next time I think you should add a few more facts, and add more pictures.

  2. Marina,
    Your post shows interesting facts. You show Ji-Li Jiang's background story, and her past life. How would you connect this to the chapters you read this week? Would you connect Chairman Mao and Ji-Li Jiang together in any way? Are there any facts shown in this part of this story. I think that you should have added more facts and maybe +1 images.

    Overall, your post shows interesting facts. - Sophia