Sunday, March 1, 2015

Question Commander; Julianna Mello

My question is based on a rhetorical question I had found in an other post yet I personally did not think much about it when I read it in the text. Ji-li asked or wondered if teachers were trying to corrupt their minds. I would say that in my opinion it's the city in which is corrupting or changing their thinking. My question to the readers is, is it ok for individuals to change children's thinking even if it's the town telling them to? It's obvious that there always is an individual who doesn't agree. I believe that most people would do it out of fear similar to the Holocaust. When a very large group of people are doing something it may be more difficult to disagree.

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  1. Julie,

    I agree completely with your connection from the Cultural Revolution to the Holocaust. Would you connect the Cultural Revolution to anything else, maybe the Civil War, since it's members from the same community in a war?

    It depends on how you want to 'change a child's thinking'. They will probably developed their own opinion later on, but you might influence them in some way. Shown in the Milgrim Experiment, most people will follow orders no matter how tragic/bloody horrible they are. This is what's happening, but to juvenile minds. In a way, it is much easier to convince a child that vegetables are delicious than an adult who has had this opinion for longer. Ji-Li is influenced by the people around her; this changes her perspective on Black Families, landlords etc.

    For your next Question Commander Post, I would recommend asking three questions and not one, shown as an essential in a post. Great Post! - Sophia