Friday, March 6, 2015

Isabel Kuiper- line illuminator
Red Scarf Girl - Chapter 10,11,12
Ji-Li Jiang
Rotation #4

Line #1
“We had not seen or heard from dad in a week since he had been detained." page: 186           

All I have to say is Cultural Revolution ruined families. Innocent people during this time were being detained and killed just because their background. Families were broken apart, counting Ji-Li-Jiang's. They were being accounted for things they didn't do, or couldn't be blamed for. As a result people's emotions were getting hurt too;  Ji-Li-Jiang wasn't even able to see her farther for some times.    

Imagine yourself not seeing a family member for a long time, without any contact? I would go crazy.     

Line #2
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“We cannot choose our families or our class sums. But we can choose our own futures.”  page: 278

This line in the book, Red Scarf Girl stood out for me. I feel like if you just read this line from the book it already has a message. An important one too. I feel like it's telling me; you create who you are, and not others. You were put into the world with a few choices made by others, like your family, but becoming who you are is on your own hands. And not what the others tell you. 
 What do you feel like this line says?
 I feel that it sums up the main message. While reading this I could easily imagine myself in her spot; wanting to change my name or change families... Who hasn't? In Red Scarf Girl, it wasn't Ji-Li-Jiang fault she was born into a family that many people were against. But, she can pick her futures, if she goes on the right or wrong rode. 

“You are different from your parents. You were born and raised in New China. You are a child of Chairman Mao. You can choose your own destiny: You can make a clean break with your parents and follow Chairman Mao, and have a bright future; or you can follow your parents, and then… you will not come to a good end.”" Page: 190 

Who agrees with me; that this basically sums up Ji-Li-Jiang's childhood? I feel that while reading this Ji-LI-Jiang was presented with two options: follow Chairman Mao or follow her parents. Following her family meant love, love towards her family culture including their background; or Chairman Mao who wanted to get rid of Four olds, and consisting of  having a bright future.  These are both tough choices. Change or not change? 
This decisions we don't see everyday, and I'm not even sure what I would pick. What would you do? 

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