Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lucas L blog

Why do the red guards take all the four old things?
I think they take the things to make something more useful (for them). They create new things that aren't four o, and I don't know if their purpose is correct though. Since people should not take things from others. (even though it is a communist time. I think they should instead ask the people to give it to them instead of invading their personal space. I know that Ji li's family has a bad political background, but this cant be tolerated.

DO you think propaganda is right?
I think if propaganda is used correctly, it is not acceptable. In some ways, propaganda is good for a revolution, but it is always one sided, and it is not a good way to show yourself to soceity. People like hitler have used porpaganda, to show that he is always right, and I think it is a very succesful techinique, especially if people don't have access to newspapers

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