Monday, April 13, 2015

Alicia Illustrious Artist

Illustrious Artist 
Red Scarf Girl
Ji-Li Jang
Prologue + Chapters 1 & 2 
This is a collage I made myself using some images that I feel represent what we have read so far. 
The first image is of a white cat, because Ji-Li mentions she has a white cat. The second image is a flag of China because the story takes place in China. The third image is a school picture of Ji-Li, in which she is wearing her red scarf, and it is also the cover of the novel. The fourth image is not very clear, but it is of some young people (I don't know specifically who) marching while holding flags, and a poster of Chairman Mao is visible in the back. Chairman Mao was the leader of China at the time, and he was a communist; this photo was most likely taken during the Cultural Revolution. 

The next image, on the "R," is the silhouette of a family with many people. I included this image because Ji-Li lives in an apartment with many people, and her family consists of her parents, her sister and brother, her grandmother, and a maid that also lives in her house. The image on the "F" is of a dancer; I couldn't find a more specific photo of the type of dancer Ji-Li was going to be, but the image still represents her desire to be a dancer. The next image is of a floor to ceiling window, which is one of the things Ji-Li mentions about her apartment, and to me it was the most remarkable aspect of her home. Lastly, I chose an image that represents the theme of the book, which is the Cultural Revolution. It is a propaganda poster which says "Cultural Revolution shall forge the new world." 


  1. Alicia,
    I really enjoyed your post. I have to say that you clearly read and understood the book. The images you used are very powerful and they show a clear background of the story. I find really professional how you explained the images so detailed. It is proper that you include something about Communism and Chairman Mao since they play a huge role in this story. I bet you as well as me find that this kind of specific details helped the author the give us a nicer background about what was going on at that time. So far with what I´ve read I think that this novel is going to be a really interesting one to read. What do you think?

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