Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Heitor G. Line illuminator Week 1#

Line 1#

Chairman Mao, our beloved leader, smiled down at us from his place above the blackboard. 
Pg 17

This frase is interesting because it shows how Chairman Mao was adored by his people but hated by the other countries. Then I wondered why was it like that? I found out that the reason why he was so liked by his own people is because he helped them to live better in many different ways. Mao fought the Japanese and kicked out the imperialists, making his country safer. He increased the life expectancy in China by 30 (from 35 in 1946 to 65 in 1976) which is the fastest increase in life expectancy until today. He also greatly expanded literacy. He also made China not only independent but its also one of the strongest countries nowadays.

Image of Mao

Line 2#

Until that spring I believed that my life and my family were nearly perfect. Pg. 30

       This frase has a strong power behind it. It is the way most kids think until they become teens and realize that no one is perfect. I personally thought this way back in the day when I was way younger, but now I realize that there are parts of my family that aren't the most common of families and not the most normal one either. This frase only shows the realization most kids have at that age when they finally understand that no one is perfect.

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  1. Your post really emphasized the belief of the people, Chairman Mao was really well seen, and you can see that in the beginning of the book, on how they talk that Chairman Mao is better than your own family, and for me that is really surprising, because here in Brazil, no one would ever say that Dilma is better than my parents, but for them it is just a normal thing, that Chairman is the top of all, that he is the best, and that everyone is less than him. This character also looks up to him and that really surprised me.