Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Risk Taking Researcher - James

The book Red Scarf Girl is an autobiography explaining the authors experiences during the cultural revolution. Ji-li Jiang, author of the book, was born in 1954. When she was 13 her father was falsely accused for listening to foreign radio. Her father was sent to a labor camp and was forced to work for the government. At school she was humiliated for her families anti communist past which prevented her from becoming a Red Successor. Her family then moved to Hawaii where she learned english and wrote the book Red Scarf Girl (Ji-li Jiang - Wikipedia).

The cultural revolution was a social/political movement that lasted from 1966-1976. The goal of the revolution is to preserve the true Communist Ideology of China. The Cultural Revolution started when a group wanted to restore capitalism. These people were called revisionists and they were to be removed but resulted in a long struggle of all classes (Cultural Revolution - Wikipedia).

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