Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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Red Scarf Girl 
by Ji-Li Jiang 
Chapters 3 & 4 

About The Book
Diary of Anne Frank.
So far, Red Scarf Girl, shares many interesting ideas with The Diary of Anne Frank. Not only because they are both written from a young girl's perspective, but also because they are both breath-taking true stories. Both authors, Ji-Li Jiang, and Anne Frank,  expose their life experiences by sharing their challenging life stories, during in bright and dark times. They tempt to leave the audience wondering more about the certain event in time they are revealing. Also, in a way, they both give the reader a more "personal" reason to care about the brutal events that happened long ago. This resulting in censorship because their content of truth scared the leaders. They are both such strong books, that the only way to stop their revealing content from dividing communities and turning against each other was to ban them. 

About The Author
Ji-Li Jian Information
Ayn Rand Information
Ji-Li Jiang, just like Ayn Rand author of Anthem, can be seen as a very bright women who chose to contribute to their societies by sharing their troubling life stories during tough times. Ji-Li Jiang, lived through the Chinese Cultural Revolution while Ayn Rand lived through the Russian Civil War, Revolution and many other tragic events in history. The world has been very fortunate to have been able to acquire their knowledge and experiences through writing. Some may say that their writing gives people hope because once one reads about such complicated times, they begin to appreciate the simple things in life. Not everyone has the chance to read first-hand experiences from such tragic events because many died in the process. Therefore, in a way, Ji-Li Jiang and Ayn Rand are motivators because through their writing they make people feel fortunate, learn and reflect on the past, so nothing similar to what had to live through happens again. 

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