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Line Illuminator Week 2 Heitor G.

Line 1#

Who would have believed that our entire educational system was wrong after all? Seventeen years after Liberation, the newspapers told us, our schools were not bringing us up to be good red socialists and communists, as we had thought, but revisionists. We thanked heaven that Chairman Mao had started this Cultural Revolution, and that the Central Committee of the Communist Party had uncovered the mess in our schools. Otherwise we would not even have known that we were in trouble. What a frightening idea! Chapter 3 Page 65

         There are many things one can interpret from the chosen paragraph. First off we can see how Chairman Mao distorts and manipulates the media in order to achieve what he desires. He chooses to change something in the educational system in China and uses the media to cover his tracks. It is also proven to be more than efficient, as he is idolized be his people (as shown many times in the book).              Another idea that can be inferred in the text above is how the people have been so blinded by their leader that they start to believe that being a communist is a good thing. Yes Mao made China one of the world's powerhouses, but then again so did Hitler and Stalin. To put it into perspective, Hitler's kill count was 17 Million being the third highest kill count made by a dictator. Joseph Stalin in the other hand killed 23 million people giving him the second highest kill count. Now one may ask: who is number one? Yes, you guessed it, Chairman Mao with a whopping 49 million kills, that have been confirmed, which means his maximum total kill count could be 78 million deaths! That cannot go unnoticed as both Germany and Russia want to erase their reputation for having these awful dictators, while China is holding him close to their hearts.

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Line Illuminator:

Just as the name indicated, the Red Successors were the next generation of revolutionaries, and when they were old enough, they would become Red Guards.

After doing some research behind the name Red Guard, I discovered that the Red Guards in China were part of a rebellion against the system, which likely started the beginning of the revolution. These Red Guards where established by Mao himself and as a way to dominate the opposition and keep the Chinese Communist party going, Mao turned to the younger generations and kind off "brainwashed" them like Hitler did to the Hitler youth. These Red Guards could turn out to be soldiers or puppets for Mao in the future. This not only proves Chairman Mao's genius strategy, but its also ver effective as children are more naive and gullible.

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