Sunday, May 10, 2015

Connection Captain - Jorge R.

Jorge Ribeiro

Connection Captain

Red Scarf Girl

Jiang Ji-Li

Rotation 4

Chapter 10, 11, &12

In these past chapters, the main character would connect me to many things. The main character's environment would connect me to the internet, and the protagonist the user. I would connect this, to security on the internet, because in the billions of people in the world, many worry a lot about their security on the internet, and that connects to the protagonist, because on chapter 10, the protagonist is really worried if anyone is going to find out about her dark past, so she is very careful in everything that she does, and at where and the time that she does anything. This connects to security on the internet, because internet users are really concerned about their safety, so they make sure the website is reliable and safe, because the users don't want to get harmed in any way.

Another connection made in this book, is with the main character, she connects with the character of the Giver. The protagonist connects with the protagonist of the Giver, because both are special. The protagonist from Red Scarf Girl is special because of her background, because this dark background is what makes her special, it is this background who separates her from the rest of the citizens. It connects with the protagonist of the Giver, because the ability of the protagonist to have emotions is what makes him special, so both protagonists are unlike the rest, they are "special" in their own way.

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