Sunday, May 10, 2015

Julia Jacob - Connection Captain - #4

Julia Jacob

Connection Captain

Week 4

Red Scarf Girl

For the chapters 10-12 I could not stop thinking about a movie called "Good Will Hunting" that stars Robin Williams. To me, the whole context in the chapters about Ji li's teacher not caring about her "black" past and having chosen he to be part of his class is very similar to this movie because it is based on a professor that finds this kid that is an amazing mathematician but has no money or condition to get training and the professor can only find him because his kid got into trouble and as a penalty got sent to be a janitor for the school. And while he was there, he was able to solve a nearly impossible math problem that was displayed in the hallways for the students to try. 

This is what made me connect to the book since these kids both had factors that kept them from achieving great things, but it was because of a teacher that could see past this problem of theirs that created faith in these kids and made them become a success. 

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